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Designed and Handmade Locally in NYC ✿

Santos by Monica is a Latina-owned brand based in the heart of New York City and we're changing the way consumers think about fashion. We believe in incorporating biomaterials, local production, and timeless design to create products that not only looks good but also do good for the planet.

Hi! My name is Mónica Santos Gil and I am the Founder and Creative Director of Santos by Mónica.
After years of designing for some of the biggest names in the industry, I realized the negative impact that fashion has on the environment and garment workers.
Driven by a desire to make a change, Santos by Monica was born as a passion project. Our company is committed to creating locally handmade products that are timeless, sustainable and accessible. At Santos by Monica, we believe that fashion should be a tool for education and positive change.
Our commitment to sustainability is not only evident in our products, but in our whole business approach. We take pride in ensuring that our production methods are ethical and responsible, and that we support our local economy by creating each piece by hand in the United States.
Our vision of sustainable products means each piece is impeccably hand-crafted using innovative natural textiles. And what makes our bags truly unique is the timeless design combined with the cactus-based biomaterial used to make them. Yes, you heard that right - cactus!

Relying solely on rainwater, this miracle plant regenerates soil and sequesters CO2. The end result is a biomaterial with the look and feel of traditional leather, but much more ecological, requiring 80% less water to be produced than its animal counterpart. It is also partially biodegradable & long-lasting, ensuring you will enjoy your bags for years to come.
Our RTW is made from a Eucalyptus Lyocell/Cotton blend and 100% TENCEL.

Lyocell and TENCEL are both made from eucalyptus trees that are fast-growing, do not need irrigation or pesticides, and are produced in a closed-loop system that recycles almost all of its solvents with minimal waste. 
We also aim to produce at a slower pace and process, focusing on made-to-order and small batch production.

As a small business, this allows us to take more direct control of our inventory and reduce overproduction. We do not believe in seasons and each style we design is produced in limited quantities.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there – for every item made, we plant a tree with Sprout.
“There are a lot of reasons to shop Santos. These bags are sustainably handmade to order in the States, and one tree is planted for every bag sold. Also, literally, just look at that design!”